These Two Broads



Alison is a southerner with tropical roots. Alison is a southerner with no roots in the South, except the baby ones planted by her transplant parents. And the ones that sprout from her toes into red North Carolina clay. She is the offspring of transplants from Jamaica, Cuba, and Ohio. She is Diane and David’s daughter. She is firmly situated between and betwixt. Born in a bordertown in Texas and raised in North Carolina by her Jamaican-Cuban, Queens, NYC-raised mother and all that comes with being the youngest of 3 light-to-white appearing children with a brown mother and white father. She is a dancer, educator, and a movement-builder. Shades, lines, borders and maps occupy her mind. She currently lives in New York City and has concurrent fantasy lives in New Orleans and Bahia, Brazil. Her favorite word is “juicy.”

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Virginia was born and raised in Chatham County, North Cackalack.  Her southern roots go back to some of the first Carolina Scots in North Carolina and English settlers in Virginia.  In other words, she is as anglo-saxon as they come.  She grew up with parents whose parents spoke with the sweetest southern drawls you’ve ever heard and snappy tide-water sayings straight out of the Chesapeake Bay.  She watched the highway in front of her house expand from two lanes that she and her dad used to cross to get the mail every morning, to four lanes with a median. She watched Gordon’s country store with glass coke bottle-lined walls turn into a Walmart.  Her southern accent has faded after moving to Rhode Island, but is quick to return when she gets mad or after a beer or two…or both.  Feminist spaces grown out of southern soil, southern performances outside of the South, and southern foodways are usually on her mind (she is a vegetarian with exceptions made for real NC BBQ—eastern preferred.)  She can’t get enough of “Thelma and Louise” and is currently pursuing her PhD in American Studies at Brown University.

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